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Add-On Services Help You Retain and Gain Customers

Providing add on services can be significant in both retaining customers and gaining new ones. Some things to consider before offering an add on service:

    • Give customers what they are asking for. Train your technicians to listen to what your customers are complaining about.
    • What are the costs to you to offer the add on service?   What equipment is needed, what are training costs, etc. Complete a small test market to see how viable the new service is.
    • Ideally offer something that not many of your competitors are offering.
    • Market to your existing customer base initially.

Earth Care Odor Eliminators make it easy for you to add Odor Control as an add on service. Here are some suggestions:

    • Dead Rodent Odor: Most PCP’s offer a solution when a rodent dies and stinks up their customer’s place of business or home. You can hang 1-3 Earth Care Bags to eliminate that odor.
    • Flood Odors: After clean up from a flood often the home or business is left with a horrible smell. You can offer to eliminate that odor with the Earth Care Flood Odor Remover Kit.
    • Wild Life Odors and Feral Cat Infestations: Skunk and other animal odors can make buildings uninhabitable. You can use a combination of Earth Care Bags and Granules to eliminate skunk and animal odors.
    • Musty Smells in Old Buildings: Some building just stink, you can cure that problem for your customer.
    • Garbage and Dumpster Rooms: These can be a real problem when the odor infiltrates a place of business especially restaurants. A combination of Earth Care Bags and Granules will eliminate these odors.

Most of these solutions offer the opportunity for you to provide an ongoing service which your customer will appreciate and will create addition cash flow to you.

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How to Remove Odors After Floods

Hurricane and tornado victims are hit with many emergencies and challenges in rebuilding their homes and communities.

After their immediate needs are met many will be faced with horrendous lingering odors.  In addition to the pest and wildlife issues, you can help them get relief from those odors.

Click  here to learn from your fellow professionals how well Earth Care Products works to eliminate musty mildew odors.

To eliminate musty mildew odors simply hang bags throughout area with odors.  Hang one bag per every 100-300 square feet.  Odor will be completely gone or greatly reduced in  1-4 days.

Simple, cost effective, long lasting satisfaction for your customers with financial benefits for your company.

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How to Remove Dumpster and Trash Odors

Add On Service:  Odor Control is a perfect add on service for your commercial accounts.  Dumpster rooms are frequently located in close proximity to stores or restaurants and the foul odors can filter into the store or business.  When you are visiting your customer for pest control, simply add or replace the appropriate odor remover products.  This provides a great service for your customer and additional income for you.

To learn more and see a video on how to manage odor in dumpster rooms click here.

You can also sell the bags to your residential customers.  If they have a stinky garage because of stinky trash cans all they have to do is hang a bag in their trash can.


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